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Kiddos getting hair
I tried to do Thio's hair as close as i can to a combination of Delta Ralts and Delta Kirlia's hair, also, i like how Slick's messy hair tuft turned out to look, NOT SOO SLICK NOW EH?

2/14 Coins
Name: Thio
Biological Sex: Female
Gender Identity: Female
Body Type: Cyrling
Hatch Location: A small house outside of the town
Upgrades: None yet
Birth Day : 20 / 10 / 2017

Thio is a young cyrling, she is very friendly but will sometimes judge your appearance, she likes to sing when alone and to play-fight. She loves the rain and snow, making her be quite outgoing. She hates fire and is actually scared of it, she is quite fast and can take hits really well. When she is not outside, hanging around with other cyrlings, she likes to stay in her home, taking care of her appearance.

2/12 Coins

My hands hurt, also Slick stole something, she will give the bag back, because then she knows that she may or may not get witch hunted, anyways, have Slick not being stealthy.

2 Fullbodies + 4 Busts/Waists (4 + 4)

8/10 Coins
The smokey spots | TOW


Name: SmokePaw • Past Names : SmokeKit
Pronouns: - He/His • Gender: - Male
Age: 10 Moons 
Birthday: 27th of May  Clan: ShadowClan


Mate: - None • Past Mate: - None
Mother: - BrightStream • Father: - RookFeather
Siblings: - DustPaw
Pups: - None
Mentor: - RabbitFoot • Past Mentor: - BatCrest

Likes: - Rumors, stories, fighting, meeting new dogs, pups
Dislikes: - Disrespectful dogs, leaf-bare, arrogant dogs, picking unnecessary 
Favorite Prey: - Frog

Physical Information

Breed: - Jindo X Akita X Dalmatian
Build: - SmokePaw is a well muscled, long-ish eared dog with a long muzzle and small paws • Coat: - A black spotted white dog, his pelt is mostly like a dalmatian's
Eyes: They are a golden honey color - • Voice: -… (RedTail's)


• ShadowClan •
Name | Owner | Rank | Bullets | Thoughts 

• ThunderClan •
 Name | Owner | Rank | Bullets | Thoughts

• RiverClan •
 Name | Owner | Rank | Bullets | Thoughts

• WindClan •
 Name | Owner | Rank | Bullets | Thoughts

Bullet; Green ||Acquaintance |♥| Looks up to|| Bullet; White 
Bullet; Green Bullet; Green ||Friend |♥| Respect|| Bullet; White Bullet; White 
Bullet; Green Bullet; Green Bullet; Green || Close Friend |♥| Great Respect|| Bullet; White Bullet; White Bullet; White 
Bullet; Green Bullet; Green Bullet; Green Bullet; Green || Best Friend

Bullet; Orange ||Slight Curiosity |♥| Likes (platonic)|| Bullet; Purple
Bullet; Orange Bullet; Orange ||Suspicious |♥| Loves (platonic)|| Bullet; Purple Bullet; Purple 
Bullet; Orange Bullet; Orange Bullet; Orange ||Interested In |♥| Like Family|| Bullet; Purple Bullet; Purple Bullet; Purple

Bullet; Pink ||Slight Crush |♥| Slight Attraction|| Bullet; Red 
Bullet; Pink Bullet; Pink || Crush |♥| Physical Attraction|| Bullet; Red Bullet; Red
Bullet; Pink Bullet; Pink Bullet; Pink ||Loves |♥| Lust|| Bullet; Red Bullet; Red Bullet; Red 
Bullet; Yellow ||Distant Relative |♥| Nervous|| Bullet; Blue 
Bullet; Yellow Bullet; Yellow ||Relative |♥| Discomfort|| Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue 
Bullet; Yellow Bullet; Yellow Bullet; Yellow ||Close Relative |♥| Scared of|| Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue

Bullet; Black ||Slight Annoyance |♥| Passed away|| Skull and Crossbones 
Bullet; Black Bullet; Black ||Dislikes |♥| Mate|| Rose
Bullet; Black Bullet; Black Bullet; Black ||Hates |♥| Ex-mate|| Black Rose


Good :: Kind + Loyal + Brave
Neutral :: Ambitious = Stubborn = Steady 
Negative :: 
Over protective - Demanding - Easily distracted 
Reasoning :: As a pup, SmokePaw has always been a brave, ambitious and stubborn pup, he would never give up on his goals as he kept trying again, even is he failed. If he had his mind proposed to do or get something, he will do it, one day or another. But every good trait has a bad one to counter it, from experiences of his brother being picked on as a pup, he became protective over him and his loved ones, maybe, even too protective. If someone was hiding something from him, he will demand that dog to spit it all out, and because of his stubbornness, you will not be able to avoid him or keep it secret for that long. Tho he gets easily distracted over even the smallest things, this trait of his makes him even more ambitious, wanting to learn faster and better hunting and fighting techniques. He will always be steady, you never know when you turn around and your shadow will directly jump at you.



SmokePup was born into a litter of 2 pups along with his brother, DustPup, their parents were 2 warriors of ShadowClan. His mother, BrightStream, was a fluffy, ginger and white dog with green eyes, while his father was a massive, wide shouldered white with black spots and amber eyes dog. In his time as a pup, SmokePup would mostly play with his brother, who was a ginger and black dog, and some other pups in the nursery while asking his father to show him how to hunt and wrestling with DustPup in the camp, 'training' himself to become the best warrior.


The time came, SmokePup became and apprentice along with DustPup, he was ready, he sworn to his parents and himself that he would be strong and take care of his clan. He was surprised to get BatCrest, the deputy of ShadowClan, as his mentor, it was quite the honor, it wasn't everyday the deputy mentored a pup, but anyways, he knew that the clan wouldn't treat him differently just because of that, and he knew, that his mentor would want him to do his best, and this is what he is going to do. Two moons passed, in those moons, he learned how to hunt and fight, to his surprise, The Blood Plague appeared back on the island and later they got some new, strange, visitors.  Fortunately, his decision to not go investigate the strange creatures was a good one, for his mentor and the deputy of ShadowClan has died from them. Later that day, TornStar has chosen EmberHawk, a strong and well respected warrior, as the clan's deputy, along with RabbitFoot as his own mentor. TBA while RPing...

Warrior/Medicine Dog






If you are not in the Warriors Discord Server made by Lillika & Vizavi, like 95% of my watchers, than let me catch you up. In April 27 i got unfairly punished on this discord, me and some peeps who were on my side wanted to do a joke raid by becoming magic school bus characters and trolling, but, we got snitched by another friend of mine, in the end, i sorted it out with the admins, we got ourselves un-banned. In these couple weeks, another friend of mine (that apparently didn't even knew my fucking gender) , i'll call him Meep, started being quite rude to be, telling me to fuck off, that nobody cares what i say, telling me to 'shut the fuck up' or 'fucking shut up' when i post something and he was on, he was literally becoming a dick, i did nothing to them but they always found a reason to bash on me and until today, i just stood quiet. In that discord, we have a Meme Channel, where, obviously, we posted memes, shitpost images, and videos, and let me tell you that, i wasn't the only one doing this. Soo today at 8:03 PM (for me), i've posted a shitpost images, and of course, Meep, was online, and like always he started saying 'Nobody cares about your shit videos', 'Nobody cares', 'Fucking stop', 'Your fucking shit images that nobody cares about' (how can i even fuck a a shit image?) and my favorite 'Nobody wants to see your shit images you queer, keep them to yourself you fucking ass', and my being the little fucker i am, i just typed questions and comebacks like 'But why tho?', 'Can't you just fucking block me to stop seeing the images, like Rick?', 'It's the fucking internet, i can post anything here, plus i literally don't care about what others think about my posts' (Don't take it serious about my drawings, remember, we were talking about memes) and my favorite 'Exactly, if they don't care about them, then why should they fucking comment about them, you fucknut'. It went like this for a while, with him calling me a cunt, ass and telling me to 'fuck off out of this discord' and that i have temper tantrums when ppl call me out on it. Ok, soo i have my share fares of call outs, in 2015 i took pictures from warriors vids or from warriors pics on google, made bases out of them and then drew over the bases, getting me called out privately because of this, the problem was solved easily by me saying sorry and deleting those pictures, but anyways, back to the story, i called them out on what they did the past weeks, and you know what their response was? "I was just joking around". Ok, how the fuck is that joking around? Yes, i know, i can be quite a dick when i am bored and i wanna mess with ppl i grew to like and know, but never did i say something like 'Nobody cares about you, shut the fuck up you cunt', after that, the little shit posted this 'Might i mention you dmed me a long time ago saying "Tell the admins from warriors "fuck you" from me thanks"', making a screenshot over it and then posting it, ppl tell me on that discord to not bring things from the past, when i did fucking nothing, and now, they are fucking ignoring him, like, why, why did i fucking do to you? But then, oh lord then, the shithead made a mistake, right now he was throwing a tantrum and just raging, saying 'Fuck Lil, fuck Viz, fuck everyone', remind you, Viz and Lil are the owners of this Discord server getting called out by not only me, but two other peeps. Before that i fucking cried, Meep was a dear friend of mine, and seeing him do this to me was heartbreaking, but he is not the only one in the server that keeps grudges from the past, over these past months i've lost the respect and friendship of many members, but i hope that everything will get better in the end. After that he just gave up, but this is the story of how i lost a dear friend from a joke raid that happened in April.

Also quick note, he PMed me only to tell me to fuck off Clap 


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